It is no longer a dream, we are committed to the quality of your rest.

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The Bedroom
The bay of Concarneau is known for its unforgettable sunsets,
to appreciate them at best make the 50m that separate you from the beach of white Sands, stop,
you hear the sound of the sea "AU GRE DES VAGUES" and watch these orange and red colors,
an ultimate moment of happiness.

And when the evening arrives, you will enjoy sliding in these quality sheets with modern decor,
 just like the mattress and get ready to spend the best nights of your vacation.
A room of 13 m2 very spacious and well lit, with a wide bed extremely comfortable 160 x 200,
sheets are provided and your beds are made on your arrival.

From the window, you will also see the sea.
The old hulls
Next, around July 4&5, 2020 There was a touch of nostalgia to see the ocher or cachou sails of the Misainiers and other old hulls parading in the bay of Concarneau. almost as if suddenly we had returned a hundred years back.
The Feast of Filets Bleus
Next from 12 to 16 August 2020
 Celebrating more than a century, the Blue Filets are each year in August the opportunity for Concarneau a great homecoming. A great parade in the Breton fashion where costumes, dances and Celtic music hold the best place
Festival of Cornouaille
The next one 21/26 in July, 2020 Quimper in 2019, the Festival of Cornouaille celebrated its 96 years! Concerts, Animations, Festoù-noz, and the famous day Kemper in party! And the big parade of the end, the election of new Queen de Cornouaille, triumph of the Bell-ringers of bagpipes
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