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The old hulls
Next, around July 6, 2019 There was a touch of nostalgia to see the ocher or cachou sails of the Misainiers and other old hulls parading in the bay of Concarneau. almost as if suddenly we had returned a hundred years back.
The Feast of Filets Bleus
Next from 13 to 18 August 2019 Celebrating more than a century, the Blue Filets are each year in August the opportunity for Concarneau a great homecoming. A great parade in the Breton fashion where costumes, dances and Celtic music hold the best place
Festival of Cornouaille
The next one 23/28 in July, 2019 Quimper in 2018, the Festival of Cornouaille celebrated its 95 years! Concerts, Animations, Festoù-noz, and the famous day Kemper in party! And the big parade of the end, the election of new Queen de Cornouaille, triumph of the Bell-ringers of bagpipes
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